Revolutionizing Lending via Data Analytics

What we Do



Our proprietary platform, GoFinDAasS converts voluminous data into actionable information & insights.


Best for Small & Mid-Sized organizations in the US


Zero investments in people, infrastructure, cybersecurity


AI/ ML driven models


Accurate loan pricing


1. What do we do for Investors?

Our analytics offer deep insights into the target markets allowing investors to maximize the return on their investment.

2. How would they benefit?

  • No Tech Investment
  • Accurate Loan Pricing
  • Reduces Analyst Costs


1. What do we do for Lenders?

Our analytics offer insights on the factors impacting the economics and collateral of the loan; thus allowing lenders to more accurately estimate credit and prepayment risks.

2. How would they benefit?

  • Business Intelligent Data/Analysis
  • Reduces Analyst Costs
  • Expedited Lending
  • No Tech Investment


1. What do we do for Dealers?

Our analytics allow more accurate loan pricing and help in reducing systems/analysts’ costs potentially improving profitability on deals

2. How would they benefit?

  • Accurate Loan Pricing
  • Reduces Analyst Costs


We work with a wide variety of industries & users

Some sample use cases for you to understand the power of our AI/ML platform GoFinDAasS.


Identify risks in loans accurately


Provide offers on agriculture loans

Use cases

Take your agriculture lending and servicing to the next level: Schedule a demo now!

Need a customized solution?

Our platform is flexible and customizable, allowing us to tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Whether you’re a large financial institution or a small independent lender, GoFin has the expertise and technology to help you succeed.

Want to learn more about the benefits of GoFin’s customizable solutions?

Markets Coverage

Our presence is across the US covering key segments

SBA Guaranteed Loans

USDA Guaranteed Loans

Unguaranteed Agricultural Loans


Components of the Platform


AI/ ML driven Models

Seeing is Believing. Created by the best combination of domain, experience and technological skills, the results have been astonishing.


Be it Cybersecurity or Data Security, we have taken care of it all as we understand that “Data is the new oil”!


All structured and unstructured data is massaged well and converted into actionable insights for you.

Latest Tech Stack

The platform is built on latest technology stacks by PhDs and highly skilled technical architects.

How does it work?

Dashboard Demos

"Superior Returns. From Day One"

"Great Value for Money". UNBELIEVABLE.

"My organization has achieved 51% ROI in the 1st 3 months itself.

“Loved working with Team GoFin”

The demo. Patiently answering a million questions. The quick integration of our data into the platform. Super smooth.

“The results were fabulous”

I am one of the naysayers of AI/ML led anything. So I decided to try the platform after discussions with the GoFin team. I am now buying the license for the whole team.

“Our volumes of data sets were so huge”

We had tried multiple platforms, but found that the GoFinDAasS best for us as our volumes were high but price points low. Superb!


Introductory prices

Superior returns

All You Need Is Just One Platform

Leveraging the unique platform, GoFinDAasS, you will now be able to get superior returns, and reduce risks – all while significantly reducing costs.